Burst Pipes & Water Mains

Domestic & Commercial Burst Pipes Repair

Burst Pipes & Water Mains

Having burst pipes can pose a serious problem. Not to mention the increased water bill you’ll receive at the end of the month. We can visit your home and detect the problem for a quick resolution.

Patching or repairing damaged or burst pipes and water mains is never a trivial undertaking. Using the right pluming contractor can save you a huge amount of money and time. Pro Plumber Brisbane has more than ten years of experience helping customers with burst pipes and other plumbing related issues, and we know how to get the job done quickly and inexpensively. We will ensure locate the cause of the leak and solve the problem right, the first time. If you have a ruptured pipes then call our hotline to book a qualified plumber to visit your property.

Trenchless pipe patching and repair

Whenever possible, we prefer to use trenchless pipe repair techniques. Not only is it substantially faster and less expensive than digging out the entire pipes eco-system, it is also less invasive for your gardens. Many times your pipes will run under paths, patios or driveways, increasing the expense of excavation dramatically. Our trench-less pipe repair system uses cutting edge technology to preserve your lawn, and your wallet.

Our Service Includes:

  • Initial inspection using a camera inserted into the pipes, allowing us to examine the damage and detect anything that might interfere with repairs.
  • Clearing the pipes of obstructions and blockages, typically using a water jet or other equipment.
  • Re-inspection, to verify all pipes are clear.
  • Insertion of a drain packer – an inflatable device which attaches a resin and woven-fibre liner which bonds to the broken areas of the pipe.
  • After the resin cures, the pipes are ready to use.

This system can repair up to two metres of piping, and restores the system to full use and service. It can all be done without exposing the pipe itself or digging up the ground over or around it.

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