Learn The Dangers of DIY Plumbing

Pros and Cons Of Do-It-Yourself Plumbing

Dangers of DIY Plumbing

Plumbing is a system of tanks, pipes, fittings and other components necessary for the supply of water, sanitation as well as heating in a building. Most home owners in Australia have resorted to making simple plumbing repairs by their own without involving a professional in a DIY program (DIY Plumbing). This is preferred by most people since it saves on time and resources of looking for and hiring plumbing professionals. It also helps in avoiding disasters that may happen within your home.

Why DIY plumbing is done most often

Plumbers charge the cost of labor at an hourly rate. The actual cost of your project largely depends on the cost of materials, scope of the project and the labor cost. Considering all these costs, many people prefer minor DIY plumbing. Many savvy home owners opt for doing simple fixes and adjustments themselves in order to save money.

DIY methods gives home owners the confidence in fixing pumbing isssues in their homes even without the help of a professional plumber.

However, complex plumbing issues requires complex solutions that could not be handled by a novice. A profesional has the capability to spot superfluous issues like molds and polybutylene piping.

Dangers in DIY Plumbing

Some plumbing jobs are not easy to do on your own. There is a very high possibility that you will hurt yourself and create more problems that you started with. There are several problems that are associated with DIY plumbing. Many times the only option os to call a licensed plumber to save the day. The following are the dangers of repairing your own plumbing

Lack of knowledge

Fixing your own plumbing without the proper skills and experience can land you in hot water. So many things can go wrong that may endanger you and your family. Small jobs of replacing washers and fixing small leaks may be fine. But larger jobs are best left to the experts.

Worsening the situation

In the process of repairs, you may end up making the matters worse. However small a leak may appear, it can turn to be very disastrous if care is not taken. Failing to use the right tools to address the plumbing issue may worsen the situation.

Increasing the cost of repairs

If you add up the cost of your own materials and time then combine this with the plumbers bill, you could be paying an exorbitant price.  A simple leak could end up costing hundreds of dollars.

How to find a good plumber

How To Find A Good Plumber

It can be difficult to find a good plumber. The industry has so many plumbers to choose from. But if you do your homework you should be able to find a reputable tradesman you can trust. First, check if they have a plumbing license and an insuarance cover. Secondly, read their online reviews and get some references to be sure of their services together with experience. You may also get referrals from those whom you trust (e.g. friend, colleague or relative).


It is good to know how to fix simple plumbing issues in your home but leave the complex ones to the pros. Don’t risk the safety of your fmaily and spend more than you need too. You might be surprised how cheap hiring a plumber actually is.

This article was written by Michael Phillips from Pro Plumber Brisbane.