The Complete Plumbing Checklist For New Homebuyers

Buying a home is one of the biggest investments you’ll make. If you don’t do your research it can be a costly mistake. This infographic checklist covers the top 7 things to
inspect prior to purchasing a home.

Home Buyers Plumbing Checklist

1. Hot Water Systems

Check the age of all hot water systems. You can find the age and warranty information on the badge. As a general rule water units have a life span of 10 – 15 years.

2. Water Leaks

Check all taps, pipes and water systems for leaks, preferably hire a professional for a complete leak detection analysis. Water leaks will only get worse, make sure these are fixed prior to settlement.

3. Sewers & Pipes

Check the base of the pipes and taps to see if they are made from clay. Clay sewer systems can break so consider the cost of replacing them in the total cost of the home. Prepare to pay $5,000-$20,000.

4. Water Efficiency

Check showers, taps and toilets for water efficiency. This can save you money and help the environment. If the systems look like they are from a museum get the fixtures tested or ask for new models with water efficiency compliance.

5. Knock On Tiles

If more than 20% sound hollow, the waterproofing could be compromised. Without reliable waterproofing there could be issues with mould and damp. This could become a threat to the structure of the property.

6. Roofing & Guttering

Check the roof for loose or damaged gutters. Cracks and leaks can lead to damp areas in the ceiling and walls and potentially flood living areas of the house.

7. Plumbing Inspection

Book a comprehensive and detailed plumbing report  by either a plumber or a building inspector. Ensure they have experience and use the latest technology to identify all plumbing problems.

TIP: Always book a pre-purchase inspection prior to buying a property and ensure the above areas are checked thoroughly.

Fun Facts

“Wasted Water”

A leaking tap that drips 10 times per minute, wastes three liters of water per day. That’s over eighty liters a month!

“The Crapper”

2. Way back in 1596, John Harrington invented the flushing toilet. This is where the nickname “the John.” Originated.  His namesake, Thomas Crapper, who was a famous plumber is where the name “The Crapper” came from.

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